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Introducing Mr. Matt Wainer

Matt has been playing drums for over twenty years. Starting from a very young age, he's always had an interest in playing and listening to all types of music.


Matt first started playing drums with a group of friends and was playing in a band before having a single lesson, it was when he started lessons with a local teacher and was requested to join a youth orchestra that learning the craft became a serious buisness.


Since that moment, he has desired to improve and get better at the quickest rate possible. He graduated with performance diplomas from London's world famous DrumTech conservatiore and Watford college and went on to study as an undergraduate at DrumTech before persuing teaching full-time.


He has been lucky enough to play in countless bands, touring and recording across the UK. Matt is now a music teacher at a local specialist school and peforms regularly in function and covers bands across the south of england.


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Studied at DrumTech Conservatoire

Playing Drums for over 20 years

Playing Styles:

Rock, Funk, Blues, Metal, Pop, Fusion, Soul, Swing, Jazz

Guitar  Ukulele  Bass  Piano  Drums  Music Tech.