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All students are given a discount card. Simply keep it with you and present it at the till of one of the businesses listed below and they'll sign off one of the squares and give you a discount. Once the card is filled up, return it to your teacher and they will give you a fresh one!

Please note that each shop has their own offers and their own terms and conditions, all of which are listed below.


If you would like to suggest a business or put your own business forward for the JT Guitar local discount scheme, please get in touch here.  

black circle espresso head selections angelicas shake box tonys loobi allframe

Black Cirlcle Records


10% off Purchases up to £30

Espresso Head


10% off hot drinks

Shake Box Diner


10% off



10% off up to £100

Tony's Fitters


5% off



10% off up to £100

*not to be used in conjuction with any other offers

Loobi Crafts


10% off



10% off bespoke framing services