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Introducing Ryan Griffiths

Degree in Music Production

Ex-Student of JT Guitar


Whether you're studying Music Tech. at GCSE or A-Level, or looking to build a home studio, we're here to help!


Ryan has been a musician since the age of eight, since receiving a four-track digital recorder at the age of eleven he’s been hooked on the technical side of the industry.


Ryan has a degree in Music Production and experience in many studios throughout the UK, including Metropolis in London. Currently Ryan is an In-house Engineer/ Producer at Big Smoke Studios in North London.


Since turning Professional, Ryan has contributed to many projects and releases across a range of genres, working with acts such as Bethia, Kissed and Crowned, Ezster Mics and the Sisters, Griff and many more.


Experienced in Engineering, Mixing, Mastering, Arranging, Producing and Programming across a range of software and hardware. Ryan can cater for all areas of Music Technology to help you learn and improve your ears and abilities.


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Great Producer

Degree in Music Production

Has produced tracks that are on Spotify

This is the modern way

Guitar  Ukulele  Bass  Piano  Drums  Music Tech.